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Geneva 2010: Nissan Juke – a breath of fresh air

Nissan shows a world first in Geneva in the jukebox, with the company bringing fresh air into the small car segment wants. With the crossover, the brand will build on the success of the Qashqai. The top version of the Juke is powered by a newly developed 1.6-liter gasoline engine with turbocharging and direct injection. It produces 140 kW / ...

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Geneva 2010: Opel Meriva with prices starting from 15 990 euros

The new Opel Meriva, yesterday on the 80th Geneva Motor Show – in world premiere,  it’s available for purchase today. Prices start in conjunction with the 74 kW / 100 hp 1.4-engine at 15 900 euros. The rear-hinged rear doors of the 4.28-meter-long vessel, the boarding and alighting to and unfasten, and the children well. At its market launch, three ...

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Fiat’s world premiere in Geneva 2010: New twin-cylinder engine with Multiair Technology

Fiat displays at the Geneva Motor Show 2010 (4th is until 14 March) for the first time from autumn 2010, first offered exclusively in the Fiat 500 Twin-air engine, the harbinger of a new engine series. The equipped with a turbocharged two-cylinder gasoline engine making 63 kW and will emit less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Developed by ...

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Koenigsegg Agera – Swedish (R)Evolution

From Sweden are only narrow-minded family car, you say? Well, you know obviously only Saab and Volvo. Perhaps you should simply refer back to the small manufacturer Koenigsegg. With the 923 bhp Koenigsegg Agera stands at the Geneva Motor Show, the latest evolution of the super sports car. Annually, only a maximum of 20 of these vehicles are built in ...

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