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Volkswagen Golf 7 TDI Engine

Volkswagen Golf 7 Review [complete] – Restyling

Volkswagen Golf 7 2.0 TDI Highline BlueMotion Tech Review. Volkswagen has managed to make from Golf more than a simple model in the compact segment. They managed to turn it into a symbol easily recognizable even by those who are not passionate about cars. And they did so through repetition, practice and conservatism. This is because Golf has never revolutionized ...

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Volkswagen Golf 7 – photo gallery, video and complete information

Volkswagen Golf 7 was finally revealed after a period of teasers trough a first official photo gallery and complete information. The new Golf, now in its seventh generation, aims to repeat the success of the legacy before it. One of the most popular cars in history, whose existence is tied to the lives of millions Volkswagen customers, officially debuts. Volkswagen ...

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Volkswagen Golf Mk7 – new info

Volkswagen Golf 7, the newest generation of the iconic German model, seventh in number as the name emphasizes, will go into production at the beginning of the following month, its debut in the showrooms being prepared for November 2012. It’s no longer a surprise to anyone that Volkswagen marks a new historic moment when this year at Paris Motor Show ...

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