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Test Drive: Dacia Duster – The Desert Prince

Colibasi 1968. Nicolae Ceausescu, President of the Socialist Republic of Romania, when he saw the first Dacia said it was “too luxurious for idiots.” Engineers then rushed to release “unnecessary luxuries” such as radio, right side mirror and heated rear passengers. Pitesti 1999. Renault bought the Dacia plant and proposes an ambitious plan to relaunch the Romanian brand. The public ...

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Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4: acid test on Snow and Ice

Who drive a four-wheel car to the snow just for fun, can also snow and ice conditions remain cool, they say. 4×4 is really better? We tried it – in an exclusive safety training with the Suzuki SX4 and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. Suzuki Grand Vitara Test Drive   Out on the runway and into the fun: When to call ...

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