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NHTSA presented the prototype of a system that prevents engine start if the driver has been drinking

NHTSA (US – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) presented its proposal to eradicate drunk driving: the car ignition that does not allow the engine to start without the vial test. NHTSA, US transport safety body, presented the prototype of a system that does not allow departure from the place of a vehicle if its driver has consumed alcohol and alcoholic ...

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New York City aims to reduce pedestrian deaths

New York City Hall launched a safety campaign the uses tough messages and images for drivers. Goal: maximum speed limit awareness in the city. New York City Hall launched a campaign to warn that drivers for the difference it can make driving in the city within the legal speed limit to pedestrian safety. The initiative aims to alert drivers that ...

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Toyota Land Cruiser 3.0 D – The Awesome Sumo Wrestler

Despite the fact that it is slow, massive and less attractive, a Sumo wrestler can be a top competitor in its segment. Toyota Land Cruiser in many ways resembles a Sumo wrestler, only much nicer. If you want a model of land that will provide reliable, single and feeling that you can overcome any obstacle that you can win an ...

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