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Mercedes-Benz: 125th anniversary of the first automobile in the world

Today, Mercedes-Benz celebrates 125 years of registration the patent for the first car in the world. The German manufacturer has invented numerous safety features found on all modern cars. 125 years ago (1886), Karl Benz record at the Patent Office in Berlin the first car in the world. At that time, the Benz patent represented the first automobile in the ...

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Video: Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell

Sven Schulte-Rummerl, AutoBild journalist, was able to make a first test on the road in the company of Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell, equipped with four electric motors sports for a total output of 553 bhp and 880nm of torque. The engineers have placed the batteries of the Star along the central tunnel, while the engines are positioned close to the ...

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The new Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG Facelift

Mercedes-Benz refreshed ML range with a facelift applied to the performance SUV ML 63 AMG version. The model retains aspirated V8 6208 cc which has equipped the unit since its market debut. In surprisingly, the Mercedes-Benz have Integrated new twin-turbo V8 unit by 5.5 liter 544 hp and 800 Nm offered as standard, 571 hp and 900 Nm respectively the ...

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Prior-Design: PD-Series Mercedes-Benz SL R320

Prior Design presents its latest creation: the PD-R320 SERIES based on Mercedes-Benz SL. The car is inspired by the Black-Series home in Stuttgart. The end result is certainly interesting. The elegant lines of the coupe-cabriolet star are enhanced by muscle group-wheel rims. These have a design that is very hard tuning and 20-inch (265/30 front and 305/25 tires fit on ...

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POLL: Mercedes SLS AMG is The Most Attractive German car

In a survey conducted by AutoBild newspaper, Mercedes SLS AMG was named the most attractive German car. Some 100,000 German readers voted on the publications site for the supercar from Mercedes. In second place came Mercedes E-Klasse Cabrio. In the category Studies in Design and Concepts, first place went to Mercedes F800 Style. This study is in the fifth edition, ...

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