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GM promises that the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt will offer autonomous driving

General Motors announced that it would begin a program dedicated to autonomous driving. The guinea pig will be the new generation Chevrolet Volt. It would have the option of an autonomous drive until the end of 2016. Given that all major manufacturers already preparing for independent mobility solutions, General Motors could not sit idly by. At a conference dedicated to ...

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Chevrolet’s retreat in Europe affects over 6,000 GM employees in South Korea

Chevrolet’s withdrawal from the European market will bring problems for the General Motors employees in South Korea, where all the models were produced . Approximately 6,000 employees will receive a severance plan.  Chevrolet fires 6,000 employees  Chevrolet ‘s decision to withdraw from Europe will make waves across continents, namely Asia. General Motors’s division in South Korea will run a campaign of “voluntary ...

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Peugeot might Give the PSA up to General Motors

The period of instability faced by PSA could lead to an abandonment of power by the Peugeot family, founder of the brand. General Motors is expected to take the lead. Peugeot is going through a very difficult period; the declining sales and financial instability are seriously affecting the French manufacturer. According to sources cited by Reuters, the Peugeot family, who ...

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Chevrolet Malibu – European premiere at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011

Chevrolet brings the new Malibu to Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Opel Insignia‘s “brother” will enter on the auto markets next spring. Chevrolet Malibu was introduced to the public at Auto Shows in Shanghai and New York, it’s finally landing in Europe on September 13, the first day of the Frankfurt Auto Show. Chevrolet Malibu will be built on the platform ...

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Chevrolet Colorado Rally: Global Pickup Truck

Chevrolet launched a new concept in Buenos Aires announcing the future global pickup truck, named Colorado. This time the concept version is a rally car: Colorado Rally. Chevrolet continues to arouse public interest with its future global pickup truck. The future Chevrolet Colorado, already anticipated by the concept presented in the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, is expected to debut on ...

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