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How carmakers vitiate with 40% real fuel consumption figures. “Volkswagen scandal is just the tip of the iceberg”

Transport & Environment Association (ETA) published a study revealing the ways in which the cars are “doped” to consume 40% less than the official tests emission and fuel consumption. The biggest differences are for Daimler, Peugeot-Citroen and General Motors. A recent study recognized by the European Commission demonstrates what was already known: the new cars sold in Europe emit and consume ...

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Audi A1 – fuel efficiency of just 1 liter/100 km

Audi promises a new fuel consumption record in the mini segment. According to officials from Ingolstadt, within three years they will introduce an Audi A1 with a diesel engine that will consume only 1 liter/100 km (282 mpg imperial, 235 mpg US). Audi currently offers one of the most efficient lines of automotive products in the market. Even so, the ...

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