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Global sales in 2017: Toyota remaines the most popular automaker, followed by Volkswagen and Ford

Toyota remained the best-selling car brand in the world in 2017, the podium being completed by Volkswagen and Ford, according to analysts at JATO Dynamics. The data also show that the SUV segment continued to grow significantly, reaching a market share of 34% globally. In 2017, the car industry recorded 86 million units sold globally, about two million more than ...

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Five Ford Cars which would make even Henry Ford Proud

Perhaps Carl Benz, the German , is accredited with the invention of the automobile but the new concept of changing the production line was introduced by an American inventor named Henry Ford. Now, 150 years after his birth, let’s take a look at five Ford cars that Henry Ford would be extremely proud of. Probably TOP 5 Best Ford models ever ...

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