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Technological Progress is making Cars Safer

The communication between cars, the environment, other vehicles and surrounding infrastructure are just some of the directions of technology development available on the “cars of tomorrow.” The car infotainment functions have switched in the last 15 years, from a radio-cassette player to Internet radio and Bluetooth. The progress in automotive technology is driven by mobile terminals, and in the next ...

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FEATURE: How the automotive world will look in 2025?

The automotive world changes. Electric cars appear and the industry struggles to adapt to a world economy increasingly unstable. Here is what changes can we expect in the near future and how it will look the automotive world in 2025. According to a study conducted by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the automotive world will radically change in the next 15 ...

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Jaguar C-X75 emerges

Jaguar C-X75 Supercar Carl Peter Forster, delegated manager of Tata Motors , confirmed the production of a supercar inspired by the Jaguar C-X75 Concept. Jaguar responded to the fans request to produce in series the new Jaguar C-X75 supercar concept. Received with applause from the audience in the open stage at the Paris Motor Show last fall, also received the ...

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Cars of the Future

To make the article clear from the beginning, we will not talk about what cars will be developed in the future or if we are going to use flying cars or if we’ll use teleportation stuff in order to move our self’s from A to B. No, this article is about normal cars, usual cars, which we are using and ...

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