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Increase security to decrease your car insurance premium

Any steps you can take to ensure your car is kept as secure as possible will have a twofold benefit: firstly, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with making your car less likely to be stolen, broken into or vandalised, and secondly you’ll be going a long way to ensuring that your next car insurance quote comes in ...

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Car insurance: still about the risk?

Car insurance, and indeed much of the rest of the insurance industry, has recently experienced a profound shift of the goalposts thanks to the European Court of Justice.  The recent ruling regarding discrimination and the way that insurance premiums are calculated strikes at the heart of the risk management practices that underpin the insurance industry.  The number crunching mathematical models ...

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Compare the Market car insurance

Advertising is not what it once was. Consumers today are more informed and more aware, more difficult to satisfy and less loyal to brands. Sure it’s not moral to implant artificial needs which require mental and financial efforts. Luckily for those who rebel against this kind of manipulation, such advertising is fast approaching an end and marketing specialists know that. ...

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