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What to Do If You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

As a car addict, you love to get out and take long drives in your favorite ride of the moment. Maybe you want to spend a few hours cruising the coast with your top let down, or maybe you prefer a scenic drive on a mountain byway. Unfortunately, the more you drive, the greater risk you put yourself at for ...

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About driving accidents

A driving accident is something that anyone on the roads can experience – even the safest and most responsible of drivers, and the resultant injuries can be anything from something uncomfortable but comparatively minor, such as whiplash, to serious injuries to areas like the internal organs and the head. What Causes Car Accidents? While there can be a number of ...

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How to drive safely when the roads are slippery

While motorists are generally cautioned to avoid driving as much as possible during the worst of the winter weather, sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid making journeys. Therefore to minimise the risk of accidents on roads made dangerously slippery by combinations of snow, rain and freezing cold, it is vital to know how to drive correctly in these conditions ...

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