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The Intelligent Key of the new BMW 5 Series is too big? The Germans invites us to wear it as a smart watch

BMW offers a new way of wearing the smart key found in the list of options for the new BMW Series 5. With the help of Montblanc, the Germans created a belt to be worn on the hand, like a watch. The new BMW 5 Series is BMW flagship in terms of technology. Model not only borrowed all they could ...

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BMW 5 Series XDrive

BMW 5 Series XDrive introduced on  the major markets from October. The new model, in sedan and touring can finally count on four-wheel drive, initially available for versions with 6 cylinder and 306 hp petrol 535th and 550th V8 408 hp, which will cost around 2000 Euro more than the rear-wheel drive models. The first official announcement on the American ...

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Test Drive: BMW 5 Series

The old BMW 5 Series range is seen as outcast, a rebellious teenager, like Bangle’s expression of non-conformism. It is pure expression of desire to do something different, tragically hit by harsh criticism, but able to answer all the crazy financial success. New generation, sixth in total, it was good. Preserves tradition, walks timidly in the footsteps of Series 7, ...

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