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Audi Quattro into mass production in 2013

Audi plans to launch some very limited version of Quattro Concept, presented last year at the Paris Motor Show. The production model will weigh 225 kilograms less than the Audi R8. Seen as one of the main attractions of the Audi stand in Paris in 2010, Quattro Concept goes with big steps towards production. Unofficial sources speak about the possibility ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Audi Quattro Concept

I do not particularly like Audi, but I must admit that Audi Quattro Concept, exposed at Paris Motor Show 2010 is a gorgeous car. I was terribly surprised with the new Quattro Concept. The design team has managed to reinterpret the features of a legendary variant, in a fresher and more aggressive way. Audi celebrated at Paris Motor Show 2010, ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: The Coolest Concepts

Paris Motor Show 2010 edition seems to be a successful car exhibition. Despite the terrible crisis, car manufacturers are competing in displaying the most ingenious and in the same time efficient concepts. What truly caught our eye so far? Which project promises to be successful, without too many compromises? Here are some vehicles we hope to see in a car ...

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