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Official: Audi R18, the German prototype for Le Mans 2011

Audi has officially unveiled the new R18 prototype, which will rival the size of new prototypes prepared by Peugeot for 24 Hours of Le Mans 2011. Design changes are big.

Audi R18 was introduced this weekend, the prototype of the Ingolstadt brand that will appeal endurance racing series in 2011 and the weapon with which hopes to win this year the 24 Hours of Le Mans in fighting Peugeot.

Design change from previous prototypes (R8, R10 and R15) are evident, the clearest being linked to the fact that, unlike its predecessors, the new Audi R18 car is covered. According to the official press release from Audi, the movement is both to reduce the role of pilot fatigue and enhance the role given the car’s aerodynamic coefficient. Another new element is conspicuous “backbone” of the machine, represented by a component that connects the cockpit of aerodynamic rear spoiler.

Under the hood, Audi R18 will have a prototype 3.7-liter V6 TDI engine to benefit from an energy recovery system developed under braking. There is still no official technical data, the only additional information provided by Audi are represented by six-speed transmission that have the know-how of motorsport and Audi cars in the street.

The debut of the Audi R18 will be held in April 24 in the official pre-season endurance test. In the official races, the new Audi R18 will appear in May 8 at 6 Hours Race at Spa-Francorschamps.

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