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Nissan GT-R won at Silverstone

Warren Hughes and Jamie Campbell-Walter have the Nissan GT-R of the Sumo Power Racing Team 2nd place, over the GT1 championship at Silverstone won. They had the first race but finished as third place. The victory was awarded to the two drivers later.

First, the second-placed Aston Martin DB9 from Fred Thomas and Makowiecki Accary had lined up on time because of a drive-through penalty retroactively receive a 15-second time penalty and the GT-R pushed into second place on second. Shortly afterwards, the victorious Aston Martin of Tomas Enge and Darren Turner for an authorized beyond the minimum disqualified worn plank subfloor. Against the verdict, the team has an appeal.

Seiji Ara and Max Nilsson of Swiss Racing Team took ninth place with the GT-R, the first two World Championship points. Michael Krumm in the second Sumo Power and Henri Moser in the second Swiss-GT-R against parted after a collision and a fierce strike from early on in the tire barrier.

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