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Will US F1 still participate in the 2010 F1 Championship?

The news spread by the media in Spain says that the new US F1 team has the resources to build and test the single user that should participate in the 2010 season. how to take part in the first three races. The story is based on rumor according to which Chad Hurley, YouTube founder, has withdrawn financial support for this project, which means that US F1 is on the verge of collapse.

Across from the persistent rumors, yet the American team based in Charlotte (North Carolina) did not say yes or no. However, there are some things that make you believe that the organization is about to shoot rather than to load monoposturile shutters on the plane, the first stage of the season, one in Bahrain (March 14).

Along with Campos Meta (Spanish team that recognizes that it is on the brink), US F1 t is not the only team not presented and tested so far bolide that will compete in 2010. And Americans have not announced any schedule in this regard. For almost a month since his contract with the pilot announced the signing of Argentine Jose Maria Lopez, has not heard anything official from the US F1 team management. About the second pilot of the team there was no clue.

With less than one months before the first stage of the season, is becoming less likely to see US seater F1 Type 1 at home in Bahrain. President of FIA, Jean Todt, said the teams can miss a maximum of three stages of this season before losing the right to participate in May. So, Americans for exactly two months, until April 18, when it scheduled the Grand Prix of China.

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