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Lucky Horses

Ferrari, the pony prance team, started strong. They managed to win a double in Bahrain, taking advantage of Vettel ‘s technical problem. Winning Alonso and Massa in second place. Vettel has ceded his car while almost three quarters of the race he had run.

Sakhir, Bahrain. First race of 2010. First race for Schumacher in F1 now abandoned after 3 years. First race for Massa after the terrible accident to Budapest in summer, when protective helmet saved his life. First race for Alonso to Ferrari and Button‘s current world champion, McLaren. First race without Raikkonen who went to WRC. And for Hamilton Sakhir meant something. The first race when he reconciled with Nicole Scherzinger, the Pussycat Dolls‘ girl! We said nothing of Vettel, the german considered to be Schumi‘s successor.The 23 years old kid from Red Bull qualifying went very well and got pole position.

Schumacher on 6
Yesterday, Vetttel led almost three quarters of the race and probably would have won the Bahrain MP if he had a technical problem. In round 34, his single user started to pink and thus began to lose ground. In his back, Alonso who took advantage immediately, then Massa and Vettel became three. German contacted the technical team and asked for help. He received a negative reply and it remained for Vettel to keep his position. He gave the last place of the podium in front of Hamilton. He completed on 4, before the two pilots of Mercedes GP: Rosberg and Schumacher. Place 6 is grateful for Schumi. The ex world champion said that he feels rusty and the car still needs small adjustments. Means that the result is good.

Great victory, but lucky one for Ferrari! Alonso and Massa on top, with Fernando number 1 and Felipe his right hand.

RACE Results – Bahrain
01. F. Alonso 1:39:20.396
02. F. Massa +16.0 secs
03. L. Hamilton +23.1 secs
Fastest Lap – F. Alonso 1:58.287
Pole Position – S. Vettel

01. Fernando Alonso – 25
02. Felipe Massa – 18
03. Lewis Hamilton – 15
04. Sebastian Vettel – 12
05. Nico Rosberg – 10
06. Michael Schumacher – 8
07. Jenson Button – 6
08. Mark Webber – 4
09. Vitantonio Liuzzi – 2
10. Rubens Barrichello – 1

01. Ferrari – 43
02. McLaren-Mercedes – 21
03. Mercedes Benz GP Ltd – 18
04. RBR-Renault – 16
05. Force India-Mercedes – 2
06. Williams-Cosworth – 1
07. Renault – 0
08. STR-Ferrari – 0
09. Lotus-Cosworth – 0
10. BMW Sauber-Ferrari – 0

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