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F1: Webber won Gran Premio de Espana Telefónica 2010

Mark Webber won the Catalunyan Grand Prix without emotions, while the podium was completed by Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel.

Mark Webber won second career victory after leading the Spanish Grand Prix in first place until the last round, confirming once again that Red Bull Racing has the most powerful seater in Formula 1 2010’th edition.

The Australian was accompanied on the podium by Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), local audience favorite finnished the race in second position over Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The last of them last occupied the podium at the end of a difficult race in which he was overtaken by Alonso in pitstop and had damage to the brakes again seater Red Bull in the last laps.

Hamilton compete in the No. 2 ranking with only two laps before the end, when left-front tire exploded seater McLaren was forced to leave and miss the chance to win 18 points.

Thanks to major site updates on Mercedes GP seater, Schumacher won the 4th place and obtained the best result from the returning to Formula 1, managed to keep Jenson Button (McLaren) for over half the race behind him, finishing on 5 in front of Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Adrian Sutil (Force India), Robert Kubica (Renault) and Rubens Barrichello (Williams). The last point at stake in a race largely devoid of the show was on account of Jaime Alguersuari from Toro Rosso.

Grand Prix of Spain has recorded five retirements Buemi (Toro Rosso), Chandhok (Hispania), de la Rosa (BMW Sauber), Senna (Hispania) and Kovalainen (Lotus).. Best lap time by Lewis Hamilton, who was timed in 1:24.357 on lap 59.

Next race: Monaco on May 16

RACE Results – Barcelona
01. Mark Webber (Red Bull) 1:35:44.101
02. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) +24.0 secs
03. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) +51.3 secs
04. Schumacher (Mercedes GP) +62.1 secs
05. Jenson Button (McLaren) +63.7 secs
06. Felipe Massa (Ferrari) +65.7 secs
07. Adrian Sutil (Force India) +72.9 secs
08. Robert Kubica (Renault) +73.6 secs
09. Rubens Barrichello (Williams) 1 Lap
10. Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) 1 Lap

01. Jenson Button – 70
02. Fernando Alonso – 67
03. Sebastian Vettel – 60
04. Mark Webber – 53
05. Nico Rosberg – 50
06. Lewis Hamilton – 49
07. Felipe Massa – 49
08. Robert Kubica – 44
09. Michael Schumacher – 22
10. Adrian Sutil – 16

01. McLaren Mercedes – 119
02. Scuderia Ferrari – 116
03. Red Bull Racing – 113
04. Mercedes Grand Prix – 72
05. Renault F1 Team – 50
06. Force India F1 – 24
07. Williams F1 Team – 8

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  1. I think the Red Bull Racing team is one of the best teams on the F1 circuit this season and the team has a great chance of winning the championship in future years. The big teams of McClaren, Ferrari and Mercedes have top drivers and will probably dominate the table as usual but Red Bull are creating a real stir on the F1 circuit. Many bloggers say that Red Bull have a great chance of challenging for the title.

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