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F1 Preview: Malaysian Grand Prix 2011

Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel are the favorites in the 2011 Formula 1 race at Sepang (Grand Prix of Malaysia 2011), but rain forecast this weekend could be hard to beat opponents than McLaren and Ferrari.

Formula 1 turns its full attention to the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend after Red Bull Racing has dominated the opening race without emotions in Melbourne.

The manner in which Sebastian Vettel won the stage in Australia has led community around Grand Circus rather to wonder which will be the difference between Red Bull and rivals, not whether McLaren or Ferrari will be able to win. However, besides the nature of the circuit, rain forecast for this final week in Kuala Lumpur could mess up plans and bring more show and surprising results.

Technical News

Since is only the second race of the season and it will take place away from factories in Europe, major updates will be missing completely from the race cars.

The main technical issue for discussion is whether Red Bull Racing will use KERS, while in Australia it decided to quit because of reliability problems. A final decision will be taken after Friday’s free training and could weigh more in race results, because major advantage on the two long straights. Even if it still has shown that the fastest race car, Red Bull might have problems even at the start if will not use KERS.

Meanwhile, other teams will bring only minor updates to improve aerodynamics, with the exception of Hispania, which will introduce a new front wing with which hopes to gain access into the race.

Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

Race in Malaysia is considered the true start of the season, because at the SIC has features similar to those found in the rest of the season. In addition, it has two very long straights where top speed will have a greater importance, like the KERS system and how to use the adjustable rear wing.

Video RBR simulator – Here are the main characteristics of the Sepang International Circuit (SIC):

Technical characteristics of the Sepang International Circuit (Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia):

Tour Length – 5,543 km
Number of laps – 56
Total distance – 310,408 km
Speed – 310 km/h
Average Speed – 205 km/h
Maximum g force – 4 G
Aerodynamic downforce – high
Brake Wear – medium
Full throttle – 70%
Pressing the brake pedal – 14%

Strategies for Pirelli tires

High temperatures and excessive humidity in Malaysia will exacerbate strategies for tires. As in Australia, Pirelli tires constitution will provide software teams (yellow) and hard (silver), but the Italian manufacturer anticipates a major diversification strategies. Thus, Pirelli anticipated that pilots will make three or four pit stops during the race, but chances are that strategies be disturbed by the potential of rain showers frequently occur in this country.

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