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F1 Preview: British Grand Prix 2011

Radical change of technical regulation has the potential to completely change the rankings in Formula 1 starting with Silverstone. How much will be affected the current world champion Red Bull? Find out from the British Grand Prix 2011 preview.

Grand Prix of Great Britain is considered one of the emblems from the F1 calendar events, through the British tradition in motorsport and the fact that 8 of the 12 teams have headquarters in Great Britain.

However, this year’s edition of the British Grand Prix tends to gain even greater importance than usual, with the new changes in the technical regulation that threatens to completely change the rankings. Therefore, interest for the ninth stage of the Formula 1 2011season is higher than usual.

The new regulation will stop Red Bull domination?

All teams will be disadvantaged by the new regulation, which prohibits disposal of exhaust gases through the rear spoiler when the driver does not accelerate. However, the big question is which team will be disadvantaged the most, and especially if Red Bull domination will stop on this occasion. All signs indicate apparently disfavoring Red Bull and Renault, as the two teams built their monopost around the exhaust system, then copied by most of the rivals.

However the same was said when changing the settings between qualifications and the race was banned starting with European Grand Prix of 2011 (Valencia, Spain) in the preceding stage, so nothing is certain in this regard. But the big winner could be Ferrari, who had several technical problems.

Last but not least, stopping the Red Bull domination is seen as a life buoy for a season in which Sebastian Vettel seems unstoppable, especially since neither his teammate Mark Webber has managed to resist, despite the recent progress.

Silverstone Circuit  – Silverstone, England

Silverstone Circuit went through a major reconfiguration process since 2010. Last year was introduced a new section, and for this year’s edition is used the same configuration, except that the start-finish line was moved between Club and Abbey turns.

Also, the FIA ​​has confirmed how the Drag Reduction System (DRS) technology will be used during the race. Thus, pilots can activate the technology that facilitates overtakes at 45 meters after the exit of turn 4 (The Loop) and will be able to use it on the Wellington straight line until the braking for approaching the turn 6 (Brooklands). The difference detection zone up to one second between two pilots was set at 25 meters before the entry into turn 3 (Village).

Video Red Bull Simulator – Here are the main characteristics of the Silverstone Circuit:

Technical characteristics of the Silverstone Circuit (Silverstone, England):

Tour Length – 5.891km (3.66 miles)
Number of laps – 52
Race distance – 306.332km (190.346 miles)
DRS zone/s (race) – Wellington straight
Maximum  Speed – 304.3 kph (189.083 mph) by Adrian Sutil, Force India
Lap record – 1:30:874 (233.374 kph) by Fernando Alonso, 2010
Fastest Lap – 1:29:615 (236.652 kph) by Sebastian Vettel, 2010
Full throttle – 69%
Power loss – 4%
Tyre energy (1-3): 2
Brake energy (1-3): 3
Downforce level – High
Gear changes per lap – 43
Fuel use per lap – 2.9kg

Strategies for Pirelli tires

Pirelli will provide soft and hard tires at Silverstone, but the Italians refused to make clear predictions on the strategies adopted by pilots. Even if the top pilots strategies were identical in Valencia, it is anticipated that things will be slightly different at Silverstone. Ferrari had many problems with hard tires grip on the European Grand Prix, but hopes that engineers were able to fix them in the perspective of the race this weekend.

Results in the last five years:

Season / Winner
2010 Mark Webber (RBR)
2009 Sebastian Vettel (RBR)
2008 Lewis Hamilton (McLaren)
2007 Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari)
2006 Fernando Alonso (Renault)

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