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Betting on Formula 1 2013

The 2013 season of Formula 1 is now nine races old, with roughly the same number left to complete, and this makes it a good time for taking stock of how thing stand, both from a racing and a sports betting perspective.

Of course a number of fans of both activities will have long since placed their outright bets with the bookmakers, but just as many will have chosen to wait and see how the season develops first. So for this latter group, who are the drivers that can still take the prize this season?

European F1 Grand Prix - Race

Formula 1 Grand Prix

The defending World Drivers champion Sebastian Vettel has clearly been the man to beat since before the season started, but it doesn’t look like anyone is going to dethrone him. Vettel has a thirty four point lead over Fernando Alonso in second spot – and this is reflected in the fact that bookies such as https://www.bwin.com have made him 1/4 odds-on favourite to win the title again.

Alonso is also considered to be still in the running, as his 9/2 odds show, while the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen cannot be ruled out entirely either. However, realistically the odds on Vettel are dauntingly low, which means that a lot of motor racing betting lovers might fancy the likes of 5 Reel Drive at an online casino.

After all this game, which is a motor sports slot, is likely to offer more excitement than betting on Formula 1 right at the moment. The theme of this particular game is actually racing on the freeways, which is a somewhat less ‘official’ type of motor racing – hence the cops who appear on the reels!

They are also this game’s scatter symbol, which means you get a payout if your reel has three or more of them on it, but they are also joined by the likes of motor cars, drivers, chequered flags and road traffic signs (the wild symbol) on the five reels. It all makes for a fun, if unusual, casino game – and the maximum coin jackpot is a very enticing 10,000.

Malaysian F1 Grand Prix - Race

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