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Danica Patrick Pole Position @ NASCAR Sprint Cup

Danica Patrick became the first woman to start from pole position in a NASCAR race and will start from first grid position in the first race of the new Nascar season. Danica Patrick wrote a new page in the history of motorsport last Sunday after becoming the first woman to start from pole position in a NASCAR race.

Danica Patrick Impala 10 NASCAR

Danica Patrick Impala 10 NASCAR

Sprint Cup competition is the most important class in the North American Championship. Danica Patrick managed to finish the Daytona circuit in just  45,817 seconds  and reached an average speed of 196 mph (316.11 km/h).

“It’s not just the pilot’s achievement,  I want to thank all the members of my team. I was a bit nervous at the start of the race. Certainly this event will remain in my heart for years to come. I have a feeling that this will be one of those things I’ll remember after 10, 20 or 30 years and I feel something special about it, “she Danica Patrick at the end of qualification round.

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Patrick’s performance was expected by NASCAR fans as the female driver was faster than anyone else during Saturday’s training sessions.

Danica Patrick has competed in 10 NASCAR Sprint Cup races in 2012, but this will be her first full season in the competition while representing  Stewart-Haas Racing team.

It’s not quite her first #1 spot. Danica Patrick also won pole position at Daytona last year, when she competed in NASCAR Nationwide Series, the second most important class of NASCAR, and she also built some reputation in IndyCar monoposts competition back in 2008 beeing the first woman to win a race.

Daytona 500 will open the new NASCAR season and will be held Sunday, February 24.

Danica Patrick – Daytona 500 pole

Eight Chevrolet teams battled in 2012 during NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Danica Patrick belongs to the team that won 4 rounds out of the 15 won in total by Chevrolet.

Danica Patrick Impala 10 Specs

Chevy also made some important technical changes:

  • switched from carburetors to electronic fuel injection;
  • reduced the inlet air to the radiator and adding a pressure valve for the cooling system so the circulated water won’t boil at high temperatures;
  • Facilitating aerodynamic performance by reducing the size of the spoiler and rear bumper extension.

All these changes have not remained without results: Chevrolet achieved 15 wins out of 36 during all Sprint Cup races, meaning Chevy’s champion when it comes to building cars. They could have done better, but Toyota has become a tough opponent. 2013 alreday started promising with pole position for Danica Patrick, a “freshman” in this category. Even so, Danica’s brave enough to reach an average speed of over 300 km/h. Hopefully, her No. 10 Impala will be her lucky charm in the NASCAR Sprint Cup competition!

Danica Patrick NASCAR Sprint Cup

Danica Patrick NASCAR Sprint Cup

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