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Clint Bowyer: The Man Behind the Toyota

Car enthusiasts everywhere have a special place in their heart for Nascar. Even if you aren’t the type to care about cars taking continuous left turns in hope to pass each other while attempting to miss the collisions that make the sport exciting. You may be the enthusiast that is just interested in what happens during the pit stops or how the car is built in general. Regardless of where you fit on the spectrum, I am positive that if you have a love for cars, you have a respect for those used on race day every weekend from February-November.

Clint Bowyer toyota 2013 nascar

Clint Bowyer Toyota 2013 Nascar

Clint Bowyer is my main man when it comes to Nascar. This has recently become a huge debate in my family. I was introduced to the sport a few years ago, which was actually what brought me to love cars. My uncle was a Clint fan back when he drove a Chevy but he quickly gave him the boot when he started driving a foreign car last year.

As a driver of a Toyota myself, I can’t complain with Clint’s car choice or argue with the success of the foreign auto manufacturers on stock car racings biggest stage. We switched for added fuel economy, reliability, and cheaper auto insurance – three factors that I’m sure didn’t even factor into the decision for a stock car driver. Sponsorship dollars rule the sport, and it seems Toyota just offered a more exciting package than Chevrolet.

Well, Nascar is back, Clint is still in the Toyota although not without some controversy.

A couple of weeks ago Matt Kenseth took the race in Kansas and among inspection of his engine (required after any win) he failed due to an underweight rod. This caused Toyota to recall 3 engines that Clint Bowyer and his team were planning on using for upcoming races. One of which was supposed to be his primary car in Richmond and the other two were is primary and back-up cars for Talladega.

Clint is currently standing in 4th position with a lot of season to go. It would make a lot of sense to question his success and wonder if he has benefited from the light weight rod, but with only two top 3 finishes this season, one of which comes after the recall, it is easy for me to attribute his success to consistent racing.

Clint Bowyer toyota 2013 nascar 2

Clint Bowyer Nascar 2013

In 263 career starts, Clint has had the pole in two of those races and has won only 8 times. These numbers may be low when you compare him to the likes of Denny Hamlin, Kyle Bush or Jimmy Johnson, but Clint is always a threat. In the sport of Nascar it isn’t always about the most wins, you can easily take the championship by consistently leading laps, passing and finishing in the top 10.

Aside from the recalled engines, Clint has found more success with Toyota as his car of choice. Maybe this is due to experience, luck or the car itself. Either way it seems that he is on the right track with Toyota on his side.

What’s next for Clint? Darlington on May 11th with a green flag scheduled at 6:45 EST time. Check out the live coverage presented by Fox and check out what happens on and off pit road. This season is just beginning but coming of a 2nd place finish last year, Clint is riding high and will continue to show us that he is a driver to watch for years to come.

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