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Video: Rebuild a Jeep in under 4 minutes!

Want proof that old Jeeps — the original military-spec off-roader — were a work of engineering genius? Watch six soldiers drive up, hop out, tear one apart, put it back together and drive away in four minutes.The most capable military machine is useless if you can’t use it. By creating a vehicle with the minimum of equipment it was able to produce maximum results. It was so cherished for its simplicity, the Jeep was given the nickname “Just Enough Essential Parts.” It was initially built for the price of about $10,000 a piece in today’s dollars. You can’t say any of that about a Hummer.

Jeep Wrangler Army 4 minutes

Jeep Wrangler Army

Rebuilding an Army Jeep

How long it takes for a group of trained soldiers to dismantle and then reassemble an army jeep?
Find out by watching this video made during a training session:

The particular Jeep they broke down and then built back up was a Jeep that they trained on for months in order to obtain this type of skill, but that does not make it any less impressive! Just take a look at the video and be amazed, be very amazed! It takes us more than four minutes to decide what we are having for breakfast! These guys are awesome!

Correct answer will be under four amazing minutes! Come to think about it, I also need more than 4 minutes just to get dressed…not to mention assembling an army jeep!

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