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VIDEO: Dacia Duster in a shocking commercial by Artcore

“Top European quality for a Romanian bargain” is the message of an advertisement that disregards any rule of conventional advertising. Dacia out in front again at the beginning of the year with a new Duster ad. This time however it is not about the product quality, but merely an advertisement published only on the internet. The reason: extremely harsh language used by actors in the ad, an elderly couple and a seller in the showroom. Bargaining between the two sides go so far as the insults, it is very unlikely that this spot has been made for the public. And yet, who has made the Dacia Duster‘s shocking ad? The answer comes from Amsterdam, where is headquartered Artcore. It is highly likely that this spot was made for an internal circuit, without the Dutch office of the Dacia to be directly responsible for its production and distribution. Moreover, as copyranter posted is very likely that this film has been seen by the Dacia officials. Whatever the story of this commercial, one thing is certain: besides insults and ribald language used in the spot, the message is the same. Dacia Duster deserves more than what customers allow to understand.

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