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VIDEO: Dacia Duster – Germany Commercials

Dacia has launched a new advertising campaign for Duster in Germany. Romanian model is portrayed as a car that tears down the myth of the automobile seen as a status symbol.

Dacia Duster won another important trophy. After being elected “Autobest 2011”, “Car of the Year” in Romania and won the “Argus Trophy” in France, Duster was awarded with “4×4 Car of the Year” by “4×4 Magazine”, the most important magazine of its kind in France.

Dacia chose to promote the new Duster on German market, one of the most important in Europe for Romanian model, with a series of commercials. The commercials are part of a special campaign, initiated on the website status-symptome.de.

The advertising agency seeks to demolish an old idea, that car is always seen as a symbol for the social status. Dacia Duster, thanks to its extremely affordable price, is the car that proves the shallowness of those who see the automobile as an extension of their social status.

Dacia Duster Status-Symptome – Golfplatz

Dacia Duster Status-Symptome – Parkallee

Dacia Duster Status-Symptome – Tiefgarage

Dacia Duster Status-Symptome – Parkplatz

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