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Video: Audi Commercials

Today we shall present some of the newest Audi commercials and presentations.

We are starting with the smallest member of the Audi range: Audi A1 with “Oomph”, and a message that goes straight to the target: The Audi A1. Small car. Big on Audi.”

Afterwards the Audi officials have released a new short film about a future car, the smallest SUV from the Ingolstadt manufacturer’s range: the outdoor presentation of the Audi Q3 in Barcelona.

And, finally, a new episode in the war between the BMW, Mercedes and Audi commercials, an American spot that reveals the way BMW and Mercedes customers are leaving their marks to enlist in the army from Ingolstadt.

Audi A1 commercial “Oomph”

The Audi Q3 in Barcelona

Audi supply and demand commercial

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