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TOP 10 Videos of 2011

Viral Videos of 2011 – TOP 10 Videos of 2011

The automotive industry knows how to produce viral videos – here are the TOP 10 Videos of 2011. It collects a ranking of the most watched car commercials from the auto advertising of the year, which gather together more than 100 million views.

TOP 10 Videos of 2011

TOP 10 Videos of 2011 - the Soul Hamsters

The end of year brings lots of tops and rankings, more or less interesting. One of the most followed rankings of the end of the year is, undoubtedly, the one of the most viral video commercials created by the auto industry.

The most innovative area of advertising of any kind, the automotive industry boasts in 2011 with car commercials viewed by tens of millions of people and shared the same on the most popular blogs and social networks in the world. And the boom of Twitter and Facebook also had an effect on the most funny, successful or spectacular viral videos of the year, thus resulting the Top 10 Videos of 2011.

The figures were calculated by Viral Video Chart, the basis for the calculation being represented by over two million blogs, Facebook and Twitter. The attached numbers to each clip represents the total views and number of shares (on blogs, Facebook or Twitter) of that video. The ranking represents the video views during 2011, even if they were produced and published in the previous years.

TOP 10 Videos of 2011:

1. VOLKSWAGEN The Force – 47.5 million views, 4.8 million shares:

2. DC Shoes – Ken Block Gymkhana 4 – 13.1 million views, 2.1 million shares:

3. KIA – Party Rock Anthem – 10.7 million views, 1.6 million shares:

4. NISSAN – Poneis Malditos – 13.9 million views, 0.96 million shares:

5. DC Shoes – Ken Block Gymkhana 3 – 13.7 million views, 0.73 million shares:

6. CHRYSLER – Imported from Detroit with Eminem – 15.4 million views, 0.43 million shares:

7. BMW – BMW 1M Coupe Walls – 3 million views, 0.41 million shares:

8. DC Shoes – Ken Block Gymkhana 2 – 0.34 million shares:

9. TEAM HOT WHEELS – World Record Jump – 8.1 million views, 0.29 million shares:

10. VOLKSWAGEN – Black Beetle – 6.3 million views, 0.21 million shares:

TOP 10 Videos of 2011 via | viralvideochart

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