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New York City aims to reduce pedestrian deaths

New York City Hall launched a safety campaign the uses tough messages and images for drivers. Goal: maximum speed limit awareness in the city.

New York City Hall launched a campaign to warn that drivers for the difference it can make driving in the city within the legal speed limit to pedestrian safety. The initiative aims to alert drivers that the speed limit in New York City, 30 miles per hour (50 kmh), must be respected so that for some possible accidents, consequences are not tragic. The campaign is called That‘s Why It’s 30″ and benefits from promotion on TV and on the streets.

The idea of such an initiative has come to the people from New York City Hall after students from a school in New York have found, especially after a course in which they have used radar devices that drivers often go beyond 30 mph, approaching in many cases 50 mph. According to the American city officials, the campaign is only the first step towards the target of 50% accidents reduction on the streets of New York by 2030.

“When a pedestrian is hit at forty mph, there’s a 70 % chance they’ll die. At thirty mph, there’s an 80% chance they’ll live…That’s why it’s 30” is the message that New York City Hall has for drivers.

That’s Why It’s 30 – Construction Worker

That’s Why It’s 30 – Football Ladies

That’s Why It’s 30 – Hot Dog Vendor

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