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Geneva 2012 Live: Mini vs Smart

Smart and Mini, the most important subsidiaries of German premium brands, have unleashed for the audience present at Geneva Motor Show 2012: 2012 Smart Fortwo facelift versus 2012 Mini Countryman JCW and Clubvan Concept.

2012 Mini Countryman JCW - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

2012 Mini Countryman JCW - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

At the Geneva Motor Show 2012 the key players in the premium „mini” segment, Mini and Smart have fought in secret, each one trying to attract as many journalists as possible. These two epic manufacturers of the leading German premium brands, Mini (BMW) and Smart (Daimler AG) have released new models and innovative concepts.

Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live: Mini & Smart photo gallery

Mini Clubvan Concept and 2012 Mini Countryman JCW

At the Mini stand, the public rushed to see the first premium van, the Mini Clubvan Concept, a brand new car developed on the platform of Clubman. One noticeable external difference is related to its side windows that now easily become opaque plastic panels.

To deepen the idea of utility cars, Mini Clubvan Concept comes with six anchor points and elastic ropes to ensure „package stability” in the trunk area.

Besides this utility proposal, they brought the first Mini John Cooper Works variant with all wheel drive. That’s right, 2012 Mini Countryman JCW! It is scheduled to reach the market in autumn this year with a completely redesigned 1.6 liter engine, ready to develop 218 hp (163 kW / 221 PS) and maximum torque of 280 Nm (206 lb/ft), 300 Nm with overboost (221 lb/ft).

The main feature of this engine with direct injection and controlled variable valve timing is the turbocharger which operates by the Twin-Scroll principle. The new engine is first in the JCW range that can be ordered optionally with a six-speed automatic transmission.

This Mini SUV accelerates in just 7.0 seconds from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) and has a top speed of 225 km/h (140 mph). All this is made possible at an announced average fuel efficiency of 7.2 litres/100km (32.7 mpg US, 39.2 mpg imp.) announced by the manufacturer.

At the aesthetic level, the new 2012 Mini Countryman JCW sports version enjoys a special exterior design, with contrasting red stripes that complements very well the black body color, it has 19-inch alloy wheels and chrome dual exhaust. Inside, the seats, the steering wheel and sport pedals blend with quality leather that floods the interior.

2012 Smart Fortwo Facelift and Brabus Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Now let’s talk a bit about the rival. The Smart stand at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 unveiled the new 2012 Smart Fortwo Facelift, modeled after the appearance of the electric version of this model.

2012 Smart Fortwo has a sportier look, thanks to a redesigned front bumper and relocation of the Smart logo – right on the front grille. The front bumper integrates a set of fog lights and LED light bulbs. Let’s check the back of this car. The 2012 Smart Fortwo has a new rear bumper that incorporates a diffuser and two central discharges.

Smart have not changed any of the equipment levels that are offered, the Fortwo range is composed from the Pure, Pulse, Passion, Brabus and Brabus Xclusive versions. As for the engines, all have a 1.0 liter three-cylinder. The petrol versions develops 61, 71, 84 or 102 HP, while the diesel version develops 54 hp. The most powerful iteration of the 2012 Smart Fortwo has an average fuel economy of 5.2 liters/100 km (45.5 mpg US, 54.6 mpg imp.) and emits 119 grams CO2 per kilometer. The diesel version of 2012 Smart Fortwo has a combined fuel efficiency of 3.3 liters/100 km (71.3 mpg US, 85.6 mpg imperial) and emits just 86 grams CO2 per kilometer. The two micro-hybrid version of this model have an average fuel economy of 4.2 liters/100 km (56 mpg US, 67.3 mpg imp.) and develops 61, respectively 71 HP. Both emit just 97 grams CO2 per kilometer.

Besides this facelift we also have a surprise coming from the innovative tuning house Brabus. Called Brabus Smart Fortwo Electric Drive (ED), the concept is built 100% on the electric version of the new generation city car. If this one has under the bonnet an electric motor of 75 HP (56 kW / 76 PS) and 130 Nm (96 lb/ft), the BRABUS version is climbing up to 82 HP (61 kw / 83 PS) and 135 Nm (100 lb/ft). Brabus didn’t say anything regarding the autonomy resulting from the changes applied on this engine.

If the technical part of an electric car remains an element that can be changed only subtly by a tuner, the exterior of the new model leaves no question mark over its membership in the Brabus range. We’re talking about 17-inch Brabus Xclusive wheels, the LED lights, a Brabus front suspension that lowers the ride height by 10 millimeters (0.4 in), and last but not least, the very interesting color combination – green/black. Inside, the sound module is signed by Brabus, it the special kit (sports seats, sports steering wheel, aluminum pedals, Brabus steel tachometer) are the difference between the production version and the Brabus Smart Fortwo Electric Drive developed by the German tuner.

Smart Video – Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

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2012 Smart Fortwo Facelift and Brabus Smart Fortwo Electric Drive via | Smart stand at Geneva Motor Show 2012

2012 Mini Countryman JCW & Mini Clubvan Concept via | Mini stand at Geneva Motor Show 2012

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