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Car Ads

Trying to find something intelligent to write this week, I was put in the situation to chose between the girls behind the string wheel or where is the auto industry going to, but, after seeing a nice ad today, I’ve changed my mind and decided to share with you some of my impressions about some of the nicest car adverts of all time.

I will start with the ad that opened the idea. Is fore the new Mercedes E class BAS safety system that “senses dancer and increase braking power”.

Most of the comments from my friends are related to the idea of the ad, that is smart and well thought. But I will go a little bit further, first of all I like the sound track, the piano is doing is job nicely, and puts the viewer in the story of the ad, plus the Death’s character is a masterpiece. But after watching it many, many times, I do have some questions: why is the ad not respecting the usual idea of the Death (spirits or death persons) appearing in the back of the car and the driver seeing them only by looking in the review mirror? And come to think about it, I think I know why, is because and I am sure about this, the Death and her scythe will not fit in the back. Even that the E-class is a big car, the front seats are also very large and the leg room in the back is not very good, so, yes, at this chapter, the Death made the right decision to seat in the front. The other problem I have with the ad, is how many cars did they used? Did they start the BAS system before shooting the ad? Or did it like with the S-class when they first presented the system to the press?

In the end, will this ad convince me to buy the E-class with BAS option? Well, yes, even is the room in the back is poor and the fell of the handles doors is a little bit cheap (being hollow plastic), for the soundtrack and for the Death character, I will buy this car in blue with a sunroof, just to keep the guys that made the ad working also in the future.

From the same car manufacturer, Mercedes, comes a different ad, for a different car that regards a different target.

I will start by telling you that I consider this one of the stupidest car ads ever. Why? Well, first of all, the original ad was without Michael Schumacher, and had as the main character the SLS, but this one, brings in front 2 main characters, the SLS and Michael, and this makes the viewer thinks more about the idea of the ad then the characters, and the idea is stupid, is just not possible for the SLS to drive upside down in a tunnel, I am sure that the drag force that the aerodynamics that the car is producing is not enough to keep the car at that speed over the tunnel sealing, even if the centrifugal force is taking his part in the equation. And putting Schumacher as a character is eclipses the SLS, yes, he is a great F1 driver, but … that is about it with Schumacher, I don’t consider him a good example for a role model, just because he didn’t heard the word fair play. And regarding the F1 titles, well, let’s say that Ferrari did a good work.

Next in line is the ad for the Audi R8.

No roof driving, no millions miles an hour, no naked girls. Just a nice piece of song and the spectacular process of how the R8 is built. Is not exactly like in reality, but is a calm ad to look at. In the real world, I don’t think that the R8 is taking more time to be built then an Rolls-Royce, or even a Bentley Mulsanne, and I am sure that is not standing still when is being assembled, but all this tiny lies can be let aside just for the work that has been put in making the ad.

Don’t really make me buy the R8, but is sure making me to buy the album with the song form the soundtrack.

Now, let’s see some normal cars ads.

I did choose only these two ads from the “Les lapins cretins” ad campaign for Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic, because I like them the most.

All the ads from this campaign are smart and the rabbits are making all the problems the Renault cars have from beginning to be viewed with a smile on your face, and yes, I do consider the Renault the most Latin car manufacturer, because, if you drive a Renault, you can see that the car is more human than another, you can see how something is no longer working, you can hear how the car is strumming from all the places imaginable and not imaginable and then, just like a miracle, the fault is fixed and the silence is taking over the car once more. Is an adventure to be the owner of a Renault and every journey is different, every time you get to the B point of you trip, you are thinking to risk it again and go back to A. Is by far not a perfect car, and neither are the rabbits, but they put a smile on your face, and that is exactly what a Renault does and what a car must do.

When car designers come with a new design, they all say that it will change the world and the way we look at cars, and from as long as I can remember cars, most of the world is looking at them like they are only a way to move from A to B and come to think about it, they are. You don’t really care about the car’s design when you are inside it, and let’s be serious, how many of us stare at their car in the parking lot or outside the house and say, “I did made the right decision to buy this nice looking car!”

Ford tried to promote the new design of the Kuga by saying that they started with a blank canvas.

And they didn’t, they started with the Focus kinetic look and chassis and made a taller, not really world changing car.

Regarding the Kuga’s ad, the problem is that you can change the car with any other product and the advertisement will be the same. Imagine the same layout of the ad only that you change the car with salami. Don’t tell me that is not the same. You can start with a blank canvas for salami also.

And even if I like the ad and Camille’s song, I am not so sure that the ad will make me buy the car.

At the end, I’ll just invite you to look at some nice ads and if you have any new ones that you will like to share, just post them in the comment area.

By Grizzly


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    Nice article guys.

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  6. it’s real. i know it cuz my dad works there and he was kind of involved.

  7. Chelseagunderson19

    about the last one we watched it in school. at first i thought it was ok then its scared the heck out of me even when i watch it now!!!! WTF

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