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Audi R8 tuning kit by VF Engineering

An American tuner has developed a tuning kit for Audi R8 V8 4.2 FSI help you be more powerful than the R8 V10 FSI, all for 25,681 euros.

Americans from VF Engineering have developed a package for the Audi R8 which offers 548 hp and 592 Nm. The supercar is more powerful than the V10 version of this model and engine torque is also higher for the VF version of the Audi R8 FSI 4.2. Besides, people at VF Engineering offers a one year warranty for those changes, which should convince even the most skeptical of opposers for the changes made to the engine.

Supercar of Inglostadt develop 592 Nm at 4800 rpm, while the V10 version leaves the factory with 531 Nm at 6500 rpm. Unit equipped with a supercharger V8 develops 548 hp at 7,500 rpm, while aspirated V10 engine is limited to 525 hp. This package tuning for the Audi customers offers  the opportunity to “squeeze” the same level of performance in a R8 equipped with a 4.2-liter V8 that offered by the V10 version of this model, which has a slightly higher acquisition price.

V8 of this model was fitted with a Roots-type supercharger and ECU unit was rescheduled. From there, stratified fuel injection has made “work” model is more powerful than the V10 version of R8.

VF Engineering Audi R8 supercharger technical specification:

– GIAC custom tuned software to optimise performance

– OEM soft rev limiters and top speed governor removed

– Eaton TVS1900 satin black supercharger

– 1 year unlimited mileage limited product warranty

– VF- CNC machined 6061 aluminium bracket system

– VF- CNC machined 6061 aluminium inlet runners

– OEM Goodyear idler pulleys

– VF- Custom tuned supercharger intake

– Internal overrun bypass valve system

– OEM crank case ventilation system

– Replacement OEM serpentine belt

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