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Geneva 2011: Ferrari FF All-Wheel-Drive

Ferrari finally presented the new  Ferrari FF All-Wheel-Drive. However, this is the 612 Scaglietti’s replacement and the most practical car ever made by Ferrari. Ferrari officials unveiled the first images and technical information for the new All-Wheel-Drive Ferrari FF. Besides, the new Ferrari FF (acronym for Ferrari Four) is the first Italian All-Wheel-Drive. The model is powered by a V12 ...

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The SARTRE Project

The SARTRE Project – Safe Road Trains for the Environment (acronym), funded by the European Commission, aims to develop and implement a system that will allow ad-hoc formation of so-called vehicle platoons on highways in the European Union. It is a chain of cars moving very close to each other and are not guided by drivers, but a “locomotive”, actually ...

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VIDEO: Dacia Duster in a shocking commercial by Artcore

“Top European quality for a Romanian bargain” is the message of an advertisement that disregards any rule of conventional advertising. Dacia out in front again at the beginning of the year with a new Duster ad. This time however it is not about the product quality, but merely an advertisement published only on the internet. The reason: extremely harsh language ...

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AWOL Shorts – Driftcember Summit Point West Virginia

The Americans have held a drift event on a circuit in West Virginia at minus one degree Celsius: AWOL Shorts – Driftcember Summit Point West Virginia.  Shoot at Summit Point, including ZIP ties, oversteer, 100 drifters of december have put their abilities on the track. Here’s what came out:

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Winter Driving Tips

Since the mercury in thermometers reached around zero Car-Addicts reminds you some Winter Driving Tips. Each year, the arrival of cold weather brings snow blocked roads, slowing down the traffic and a series of accidents. Much of this can be avoided, although some situations are unavoidable. You must not forget that you are not alone on the road and you ...

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