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Lada 2107

Lada 2107 – end of career

The Russians from Lada announced that they will remove the famous 2107 model from production. Lada 2107 was manufactured in the same form for three decades and was based on Fiat 124. AvtoVaz, the Lada brand owner, announced that it will no longer produce the 2107 model, also known as Riva. Russians give up at the famous sedan due to ...

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Lamborghini Urus will triple the Italian’s total annual production

Lamborghini says that the new Urus SUV will triple the annual production and over 50% copies of this model will be sold in the United States of America. Lamborghini Urus – or LB736, as it is called internally – will be a very important model for the manufacturer from Sant’Agata Bolognese. Under the careful management of Volkswagen, Lamborghini hopes to ...

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Volvo Mean Green – the Swedish hybrid truck who broke two world speed records

The racing driver Boije Overbrink managed to register two world records for speed onboard Volvo Mean Green hybrid truck. Volvo Mean Green develops 2100 hp and 6780 Nm. Volvo Mean Green, the Swedish manufacturer hybrid truck, made two attempts at a world speed record, both completed successfully. Boije Ovebrink and Mean Green went on the Wendover Airfield track in Utah ...

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Citroen DS range sold in 200,000 units in two years

The French celebrate the sale of 200,000 units of Citroen DS range. The new DS range debuted in 2010 with Citroen DS3, followed by Citroen DS4 and Citroen DS5. Citro├źn celebrates a production landmark in the DS range – 200,000 units. Citroen DS range – a real success story The new Citroen DS range started two years ago, when the ...

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Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and 1963 Porsche 911

Mourning in the automotive world: Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the creator of Porsche 911, died

One of the most respected people in the car design world died thursday in Austria. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was 76 years old. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the designer of the original version of Porsche 911, died thursday in Salzburg. “Butz” Porsche was 76 years. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and 1963 Porsche 911 German designer was the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, creator of ...

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