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Miss Tuning Calendar 2014: The Beautiful Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger Photos

A very sexy blonde that goes by the name of Miss Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger joined many stars of the auto industry to shoot the photos for Miss Tuning Calendar 2014. The hot scenes took place in colorful scenes, captured along and across Budapest. These are just a few ingredients that describe the 2014 Miss Tuning Calendar edition.

Miss Tuning Calendar 2014 The Beautiful Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger Photos

Miss Tuning Calendar 2014: Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger Gallery

Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger, the reigning Miss Tuning worked hard for over a week for the production of the Miss Tuning 2014 calendar. Great news? She was in front of the camera. The motifs were in Budapest, aka the Paris of the East. Only the prettiest spots from Budapest were selected and many horsepowered cars were gathered for Miss Tuning Calendar 2014. The photoshoot took place today, fall of 2013, and Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger was photographed by Munich star photographer Max Seam.

The motifs were among others in the vicinity of the riverbank and the Sky Bar at the Expo hotel in the Hungarian capital. The old military airport Tököl and Kordia studios with the original film set of the Hollywood strip “Hellboy 2” completed the set-selection of exciting locations.

Miss Tuning Calendar 2014 Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger 2014 Photos

Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger 2014

Now the wait is over and Miss Tuning 2014 calendar, starring  Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger  is ready to order. The Blonde Bombshell in the twelve amazing photos is the backdrop and the cars used in the shoot include the Datsun 260Z by Nino Karotta, ( The tuning fan aroused the vehicle as it were from the dead, as it was already eaten away by rust and plants grew through the holes in the bonnet. Now his Datsun shines in new splendor and already mesmerized this hot blonde) Corvette Stingray, Nissan Skyline, Ford Mustang, Skoda Rapid, VW Beetle, Golf and Corrado, and why not, a hotrod. If you’d like to worship each day of 2014, the calendar is available for 25 Euros. Still, if you can’t afford that at least you could save one of the following photos and use it as your deskstop!

Leonie Hagmeyer-Reyinger Calendar Photos

And what would this gallery be without a making of the 2014 Calendar Video?

Video:  The Making of Tuning Girls 2014

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