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Miss Tuning 2013 Calendar by Frizzi Arnold

The new Miss Tuning 2013 calendar for another year has just been launched. The main character is played by Frizzi Arnold, a hot female, the winner of the Miss Tuning award held back in April 2012 at the Tuning World Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

After all this hard work, the beautiful brunette got to enjoy the perks of her title with an exclusive photo shoot that took place in Helsinki, the Finish capital. Well, after all this hard work we also deserve some cars and girls.

Miss Tuning 2013 Calendar

Miss Tuning 2013 Frizzi Arnold

Photographer Max Seam gathered together 13 photographs in which the model Frizzi Arnold poses for Miss Tuning calendar 2013, along with several tunned cars.

Frizzi Arnold  – Miss Tuning 2013 Calendar

Photographs were taken in the vicinity of Finland’s capital – Helsinki, and among the cars that appear alongside Arnold Frizzle, for those who will concentrate enough, we will see a Dodge Challenger, the unique Ford Mustang Fastback and a Ford Escort Cosworth.

Miss Tuning 2013 Calendar made ​​by the German photographer Max Seam will only be printed in 1.500 copies and will be available for just €25.

This calendar takes you in an adventure, from fire to ice, and from winter to summer, this calendar has it all, so  check out the full photo set in the gallery below and also watch the Making of Miss Tuning 2013 Calendar.

Things started out rather hot, with a photo shoot next to a flamed out car. Obviously, the temptation to use real fire in the shoot was big enough. But things quickly cooled down, as Frizzi Arnold  was taken to an ice hotel and a hockey ring as well.

In addition, Miss Tuning a.k.a Frizzi Arnold  won the right to use a Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo throughout the campaign.

Miss Tuning 2013 Video

Enough chatting,  I will leave you to enjoy Frizzle Arnold – Miss Tuning 2013. You’ll come to the conclusion that the award was rightfully won!

As you probably know, Mandy Lange was Miss Tuning 2012.

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