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Meet Andrea Friedrich and her VW Golf GTI

Unlike most women, Andrea Friedrich loves motorsport and is the owner of a pilot license category A, which allows participation in car events such as GLP or VLN series held at the Nurburgring track. Also, the beautiful blonde who has won numerous Miss Yamaha and Monster Energy Girl titles, can praise of a boundless passion for tuning, being the owner of a  completely changed Volkswagen Golf GTI

Andrea Friedrich 2013 Miss Yamaha

Andrea Friedrich Miss Yamaha

We’re talking about a fifth generation Volkswagen Golf GTI that once it passed through the hands of BBM Motorsport specialists reached to accommodate no less than 336 horsepower and 460 lb-ft under the bonnet. Or, if you please, up to 136 hp and 180 Nm more than it did when he left the German manufacturer from Wolfsburg’s factory gates. Andrea Friedrich was pleased!

andrea-friedrich-Miss Yamaha

In contrast with surplus power, obtained largely after installing a new high-performance turbine and a new sport exhaust system, the famous tuning company from Senden made numerous changes in order to reduce weight,reaching in the end 1275 kg by removing the back seat and replacing the front seats with bucket seats.

Andrea Friedrich Golf 5 Model

As a result, the impressive Volkswagen Golf GTI by BBM Motorsport now manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds, while top speed is 275 kilometers per hour.

We also have positive feedback when it comes to agility and maneuverability, technical goodies list being sprinkled by KW Club Sport coilover suspension, accompanied by a Stoptech brake system with 355 x 32 mm discs and lightweight alloy 18-inch semi-slicks supplied with the measuring 225/40-18.

 Andrea Friedrich Miss Yamaha Pics

Andrea Friedrich Miss Yamaha Photos

Needless to say, the exterior was finished in a combination of blue films, plus matte black, while the interior now also enjoys the presence of a full roll cage – improvements that can be enjoyed best, along with Andrea Friedrich of course in the movie below.

Andrea Friedrich GTI Video

Andrea Friedrich Volkswagen Golf GTI 5

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