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MEGAPACK For the girl addict in you: Hot babes & cool cars!

Too many articles have past without a single lady showing her shapes around here. That’s why we’ve come up with this mega pack containing some of the hottest girls we found waiting on the web: blondes, brunettes, small, tall…you name it! They’re all here and hoping you to show up! We promise to bring an exclusive article only with girls and bikes wallpapers. Here you’ll see among others, stars like:

Jordan – you may know her by the name “Katie Price” or the real name: Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield Price, a British celebrity born 22 May 1978, known for her modelling career, and now a bussines woman. She appears often in the tabloids and celebrity-based magazines.

Second is Tiffani Thiessen, a girl we all seen in the “Saved by the Bell” series or Beverly Hills, 90210 !

Next we have Tera Patrick. Well…you must know her from the adult movies. But when she’s not an actress she also loves cars!

Patrick started making a career when she moved to New York City. First, as a catalog model. When she was 18, she left the world of modeling and enrolled at Boise State University. Tera Patrick has appeared in Playboy and also in Penthouse magazine , where she was named “Pet of the Month” for February 2000 and also selected as “Pet of the Year” runner-up. In 2003, Patrick became the masthead publisher of Genesis.

In an interview with the Adult Film Database in February 2007, Patrick stated she will only continue to work in front of the camera for two more years, but plans on releasing her starring adult titles over the next decade. In March 2007 the DVD release ‘inTERActive’ set the record as the fastest selling Hustler release ever! In 2008, Patrick began hosting the Playboy TV erotic instructional show, School Of Sex.

Next of is Shae Norris

Shae Norris has been modeling for a little over a year now and this year managed to gain a tremendous amount of exposure, solid modeling assignments and a very extensive and loyal fan base.

Some of her credits include: Caffimage Magazine’s Model of the Year, Monster Energy Drink (posters), Coming Attractions Model Mgmt.’s Voted “Model of the Year,” Asian Scene Magazine’s Featured Model,, Team Transport (afEXE Magazine), HearMuffs (ad campaign), Exercise at Home and Quick Exercise Books, Lawless Clothing, Bandit Customs, 2fast.com, Extreme Cultures Book, Ragewear, among many others. Shae has also made film and TV appearances o n Camcorder (indie short), Livewire Personals/Chatline (TV Commercial), and Power Pyramid Fitness Program (Infommercial), Devlish Girls (official spokesmodel), ProCarParts/Alfa Otto (Lowrider Magazine, Truckin Magazine, SEMA Show 2004/Celebrity Appearances/Poster Signings, Catalog), Neu-Gen Magazine’s Nov Cover Model.

We also want to raise the following question: what vehicle to you thing comes better next to a hot girl: a bike or a car? Leave your comment below!


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