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Cars and Girls

I know that someone will get kicked in the nuts by posting big boobs girls on the website, but that is not my problem, since they have a part of the website just for cars and girls, I don’t see the problem with this article to be inadequate for a car addict’s web site.

And first off all, this will not have any naked girls, no boobs and no round bottoms, I know that most of you are disappointed right now and you were waiting to see a nipple or something like that, but this is not the point, this is a serious car website and they don’t allow cars with nipples, and when I say “they” you probably will think at the moderators of the website, that they have a moral principle to look for and that they can’t be influenced by any round thing that you show them… yeah! Right! By “they” I meant the owners of the moderators.

And by making clear what will follow in this article, let’s begin.

You will ask me why did I named the article “Cars and Girls” since no girl will appear in it, and no car model will appear with her new pink car, well is like this: most of the mean guys from the auto industry are using girls in order to sell all kind of stupid and useless stuff, if they want to sell a tire, they will put a booby girl next to the tire and bang, the tires will be sold like hot bread, same for the engine oil, same for tuning articles and so on. Most of us don’t see the connection, and maybe there is any, but the seller’s minds know something that we don’t. They know that most of the target for their products is fat, unwashed and ugly, stupid mans that think with the thing under their paunch, and they may be right.

Now, for the other part of the auto industry that are also using girls, they use them for another reason, they use girls for designing cars, and to get the things clear from the start, designers that have girls in mind when they design a car, always end up with the beauties one. And this I think is valid for any design or piece of art, not only for cars.

The main idea is simple: use shapes of a woman in a car design and you will have a beautiful car. But don’t use any girl for inspiration, please, I don’t even what to know what will be the result if someone will have a fat, ugly girl in mind when he will design a car… oh, I think I do know, it will be something like an Audi Q7 in white or like the old Porsche Cayenne.

Why does a beautiful girl make a beautiful car, well is simple, let’s take some example of supercars in order to puts some science in the business.

Everyone knows the McLaren F1 supercar, BMW v12 engine, 627 hp at 7400 rpm and an engine cover made of 25g of gold, in order to keep the heat away. 550 hp/ton and a 0–60 mph (97 km/h) in 3.2 s, all that in 1992 and every boy had a poster with one of that on his bedroom wall. And you will have in mind that everyone had a picture of that car because it was beautiful, and you will be wrong, they had that poster because of the cars performances, because it was very expensive and exclusive, the technical part was compensating for the “beauty” of the car.

Now, let’s take the Lamborghini Miura, also a v12, also a mid engine (some say it was the first from the mid engine supercars, and that Miura lunched the mid engine style), 350hp at 7000 rpm (1966 – 1969 models), 5-speed-manual, rear wheel drive and 0-60 mph in 6.7 sec., all this made possible by Lamborghini‘s engineering team, who designed the car in their spare time against the wishes of company founder Ferruccio Lamborghini , at high speeds the front will become light and the driver will struggle to keep the car under control, but all this didn’t meant that that the car was rubbish, because what the car missed from the technical point of view, was gained at the style and beauty category.  I am sure that the engineering team, in their spare time was drinking Limoncelo, had girls in their head and was making the Miura. A girl’s shapes and forms can be seen in every angle in every panel of the car, every ting is round and beautiful.

And this is valid for all the splendid supercars. Let’s take the Bugatti Veyron or the Ferrari Enzo, mind blowing performance, mind blowing price tags and most of the desired supercars of all times. They may be nice to drive, nice to have and nice to be seen in, but I don’t think they are nice to look at, you can’t see any girl’s parts by looking at an Enzo, or maybe you can see chopped parts from a girl all over the car, but that won’t be a pleasant site.

On the opposite part, look at the Ford GT, nice performances, but not out of the ordinary, bad electronics and one of the lovely shape in the industry, had the same look since it beginning as the Ford GT40. Or look at the Aston Martin range, they all have bits from Ford and the DBS key is a Volvo one covered with some lather and a Aston Martin badge, but all this will be gone from your mind when you will look at the car and think of the power, beauty and soul that Aston Martin represent.

As an end point, a car’s beauty is the same when associated with a girl’s beauty. As you don’t expect from a beautiful girl to be a doctor in quantum physics, you don’t have to expect out of the book performances and driving pleasures from a beautiful car. Personally I don’t think that in our life time we will ever see a beautiful car to be also the best in the driving pleasure category, as a beautiful girl will be just nice to look at, and not to take home.


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  1. Very good article. I really like the writing style. :)) i never thought at this …women rule our world it seems..

  2. Hey, where is this week article?
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