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Your Safety Depends on You: 4 Defensive Driving Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Driving can be a scary and dangerous time, but as time goes on and with many of us driving on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget this danger and how quickly things can go wrong. This is why it’s so important to know how to drive mindfully, as well as knowing the techniques that are going to save your life.

This is where defensive driving comes in. By learning the defensive driving techniques, most commonly used by drivers who are new, driving alone and are relatively experienced, you can not only increase your own chances of not being involved in an accident; you reduce the risk for everybody on the road.

Today, we’re going to explore four main defensive driving techniques, detailing everything you need to know to stay safe.

#1 – Read the Road

Whether you’re driving past signs on the road or paying attention to what other drivers are doing, it’s so important you take the time to read the road of what’s going on around you. This is especially a problem if you’re driving somewhere you know, and you hit auto-pilot mode.

Stay focused and alert and continue to read road signs, even if you drive through the area every single day. You never know when there’s information displayed that you need to know; information that could save your life.


#2 – Consider the Weather

Weather can have such an adverse effect on driving that so many drivers take for granted. For example, if it was cold and icy the night before, but it’s sunny in the morning, that doesn’t mean there’s no ice on the road, and it’s not dangerous.

All weather conditions from storms and rain, strong winds and ice and cold weather conditions can create dangerous road conditions that you’ll need to be aware of and adjust to if you want to drive safely.


#3 – Don’t Use Your Phone

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find yourself distracted when you’re not thinking about what you’re doing and ultimately end up using your phone.

Every single second you’re on your phone is another second you’re not paying attention to the road, which puts you and every single other person around you in danger. This is increasingly becoming the most common cause of road traffic accidents.

If you end up in an accident for this or any other reason on this list, make sure you’re seeking professional legal advice from people like the Coye Law Firm’s attorneys who’ll be able to help you get the best outcome.


#4 – Keep Your Distance

Whether you’re pushing to find a place on a multi-lane road, you’re trying to get around quicker, or simply not paying attention; it’s easy to find yourself getting closer to the cars around you, especially those in front.

Instead, make sure you’ve always got enough room around you to brake, stop and manoeuvre whenever you need too. As long as you have enough room to stop if the car in front suddenly stops, you’re maximizing your safety.



As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can defensively drive to keep both yourself and the other drivers on the road safe. If you’re starting out with driving on your own, follow these guidelines, and they’ll soon become a habit; a habit that could save your life.

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