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Top 60 – Most crowded European cities!

A study made by TomTom showed that Brussels is the most crowded European city!

British manufacturer of satellite navigation systems TomTom has made a study of the busiest cities in Europe. British specialists said that a crowded city is where drivers are forced to move to a speed lower with 70 percent then the limit imposed by law and the settlement to have a population of at least 500,000 inhabitants.

The number one spot is taken by the drivers from Brussels (Belgium). Faced with traffic congestion on 37.7% of streets and avenues. Second place is occupied by the Polish capital Warsaw, with a rate of 37.5% and the podium is completed by another Polish city, Wroclaw.

Of course England has eight cities in this ranking made by TomTom,  London almost made it to the top 3 with 34.7 % . The country with the most crowded cities is Germany, with 13 settlements that appeared affected by traffic congestion. TomTom has made the ranking till #59 and bellow you will find all the cities not mentioned in our article!

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  1. The whole Europe is pretty high on traffic. Even small cities have their problems..

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