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Top 12 Automotive Super Bowl Ads in 2014

Now it’s time to analyze the 2014 Super Bowl final from a car addict perspective. From our point of view, the halftime was more interesting than the football match and we’ve gathered all the automotive commercials for a special article called “Top 12 Automotive Super Bowl Ads”!

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Top 12 Automotive Super Bowl Ads in 2014

 Seattle Seahawks won the first trophy of the NFL champion in history after crushing Denver Broncos with 43-8 in this year’s Super Bowl Edition. Seahawks’ victory came after a perfect execution of Pete Carroll’s game plan. Still, the Seahawks took advantage of huge errors in the Broncos offensive sector that broke many records this season.

Now back to our cars. In short, we have some spectacular videos, lots of celebrities and of course, many American models. These are the main ingredients seen in the commercial break of the most watched sporting event in the United States: Super Bowl – American football championship final.

#1. Jaguar 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Jaguar has relied on a number of British actors and style characteristic of a villain in their classic spy movies. An interesting advertisement including British actors Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston (famous for Thor series) and Mark Strong. But the real star of the clip is the new Jaguar F -Type.

#2. Hyundai 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Korean manufacturer has chosen a funny spot designed to highlight the passive safety systems of new Hyundai models.

#3. Chrysler 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Chrysler puts a spotlight back on the patriotic accents including a star, the famous Bob Dylan. A worthy descendant after Clint Eastwood’s clip in 2012 or the one with Eminem in 2011.

#4. Honda 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Honda chose Bruce Willis to star in a spot where no cars were seen. A weird strategy coming from the Japanese manufacturer.

#5. Kia 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Morpheus, the famous character played by Lawrence Fishburne in Matrix returns in this 2014 Kia commercial aired during the Super Bowl break.

#6. Audi 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Audi has created one of the strangest commercials aired this year: “Doberhuahua”. Feel free to leave a comment if you understood what this ad is really about.

#7. Jeep 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

A new spot that glorifies adventure and nature inside the new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

#8. Toyota 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Toyota has partnered with the famous Muppets dolls to present their new Highlander model in a very funny way.

#9. Volkswagen 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Perhaps the best automotive commercial at this year’s Super Bowl comes from Volkswagen. After their little Darth Vader campaign, a spot that made waves in recent years, new ideas were put to the test.

#10. Chevrolet 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Chevrolet missed last year’s Super bowl, but now is back to show off the new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pickup.

#11. Maserati 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Maserati marks the attack on the U.S. market with an aggressive spot called “Strike” (Kick). It is one of the most beautiful commercials, visually speaking, out of all those presented in this year’s Super bowl commercial break.

#12. Ford 2014 Super Bowl Commercial

Ford relied on repetitive advertising that highlights the qualities of the new Fusion Hybrid model, which will be the new Mondeo in Europe. Ford chose two actors to make their commercial more attractive: James Franco and comedian Rob Riggle.

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