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Top 10 worst drivers by profession

How many of your friends are bad drivers? I mean, really really bad ones. Chances are they might be an attorney, government worker or a judge according to a new study listing the most dangerous drivers by profession. A study made by an auto insurance  business in the U.S. revealed that lawyers and judges are the most dangerous drivers in North America.

The study made by Insurance.com shown that lawyers and judges are the most dangerous drivers from all of their clients. It seems that 44% of lawyers who wanted to make their insurance at them already had an incident before making an application for a new insurance policy. The least dangerous professions were professional athletes but also homemakers. It seems that people who are forced to rush and must do several things at the same time have a greater chance of making an accident in comparison with persons that have kids and avoid traffic conjunctions.

Another dangerous profession is related to financial matters and refers to everyone working in this area, from accountants to bankers. Third place is occupied by government workers, while fourth place is taken by waiters and bartenders. On number five we have private entrepreneurs and sixth place is taken by dog groomers. Seventh place is occupied by those who work in advertising and marketing, while number eight is occupied by stylists.  The last two professions from this TOP 10 are coach and nurse.

Although at first sight such a classification is done strictly for laughs, United States insurers set rates depending on the job of the client, strictly related to their risk category.

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