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How Tesla reinvented the Electric Car

Electric cars are rising in popularity, that’s a fact. You only need to take a look around the streets and driveways of the nation and you’ll start to notice subtle charging stations popping up left, right and centre, with electric cars taking centre stage on driveways.

And this is largely down to Tesla Motors!

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

This American brand manufactures electric cars and is based in California. Their name rose to new heights of popularity when they unveiled the iconic Tesla Roadster, which was actually the first fully electric motor car ever made.

Tesla have done so well in this market because they have managed to abolish the belief that electric cars cannot perform compared to their petrol counterparts – and they did this by creating models that can.

The history of Tesla’s cars

We’ve already touched on the Tesla Roadster above, but two other Tesla electric vehicles that deserve a shout out include the Tesla Model S and also the Tesla Model X.

But where did this brand come from? And how did they manage to create electric vehicles that revolutionised the entire market?

The name itself comes from Nikola Tesla, and he was chosen due to his roots in engineering and physics. Despite being around since 1882, it’s more recent years that have seen this technology take off and reach new heights. It was even reported in 2014 that the manufacturer now employs 6,000 people, which is a huge leap in progress for the company that took so long to become a popular vehicle choice.

But what is it about the Tesla that makes it stand out? Well, it was Elon Musk who really took the Tesla above and beyond. He ventured a lot of time into helping create an electric car that would be accessible to everyone. His aim all along was to develop an electric vehicle that the average person could afford to take on the road.

However, 2007 nearly saw the company go bust. Yet this was once more saved by another round of funding – and thank goodness!

Tesla have received awards for the work that they’re doing, and it would have been a shame to see that fall to the wayside. Musk himself became the proud winner of the 2006 Global Green product design award, and its innovative rewards like this for their hard work that pushed Tesla onwards and upwards.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

What’s so great about Tesla?

One of the best things about the Tesla models is that they can perform. If we take a specific look at the Model S, it’s evident that the Tesla brand has brought the electric car upwards and have helped it to become an amazing icon for electric car manufacturers everywhere.

The Model S boasts and astoundingly impressive 0-60mph in just 2.8 seconds, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate is actually faster than some of the regular gas models out there on the market.

The car also comes with a Euro NCAP rating of 5 stars, and the vehicle features technology such as autopilot, a dual motor and the ability to travel 310 miles.

Another one of the great things about the Model S is that it actually has two engines. With one located in the regular front place and a second residing in the rear, it really is a special vehicle. The two engines allow for individual control of the torque between both sets of the wheels, which is a highly impressive feature.

If it’s the autopilot that’s drawn your attention towards this vehicle, then you won’t be disappointed with this either. The autopilot works by combining some of the best vehicle tech on the market including a camera, 360 degree sonar sensors and even radar. This might make the vehicle sound like it’s burst straight from the pages of a James Bond novel – and we don’t blame you for thinking so – but it really is a magnificent vehicle that anyone can access if they wish!

The car even makes use of traffic updates in real time, and this means you can do things like changing lanes by tapping the indicator, and you can also forget about worrying about parking this vehicle, because it’ll find a spot and do it for you itself!

Why choose electric over normal vehicles?

So why would you choose an electric vehicle over a normal car?

Well, there are quite a few reasons.

Electric cars are obviously better for the environment than their gas counterparts. So if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, an electric vehicle may be the ideal solution to your Eco worries!

On top of this, electric models are also now performing just as well as petrol vehicles. This means lack of power is no longer a valid excuse for not investing in an electric vehicle, so keep this in mind.

If anything, electric cars are now becoming more developed than regular ones. Not many vehicles on the market feature an autopilot function, but the Tesla Model S electric vehicle does. The user driving experience may even be completely revolutionized by investing in a model S. But that’s for you to decide after you test drive one!

And how could we forget to mention just how fantastic the Model S looks? This sleek sedan is enough to put even the best in the current motor market to shame. We have to say, we’d most definitely be proud to drive around in one of these models, and we’re sure you would too if you explore what’s available in a little more detail.

Tesla Model S and Goodyear Air Maintenance Technology as Best Automotive Inventions of the Year 2012

Tesla Model S and Goodyear Air Maintenance Technology as Best Automotive Inventions of the Year 2012

The technology included is also beyond impressive. The 17 inch touch screen is sure to leave you with chills, and on top of this, the vehicle has even been fitted with a sound system likened to that of a record studio. If you’ve ever heard music played in a studio in this way then you’ll know just how big a deal that really is.

The screen is created with the driver’s ease at heart, and because of this it is easy to operate and also offers day and night modes to ensure the maximum comfort no matter what time you’re driving at.

The Model X also looks incredibly impressive, and the falcon door openings really do add that luxury, bespoke design edge that all car enthusiasts will appreciate.

With all this in mind, it’s little wonder that Tesla Motors have revolutionized the electric car market, and we’re incredibly excited by the prospect of where they might take it next.

This blog was written by Sam Dickson on behalf of The Tilsun Group.

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