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Study: Women love their Cars longer than Men do

A study made by a U.S. leasing company revealed that women love their cars longer than men.

Buying a new car is a very complicated process for many of us. There are plenty of models that we can choose, do many calculations, go to showrooms to manage and after a long period of consultation with friends and family choose the one that suits us. Then we are very excited about the purchase made and we can say that we love the new car. But really how long lasts the love affair between man and machine?

2,500 people answered this question in a study by U.S. leasing company Lease Trader. A first conclusion reached by the researchers was that women are in love with the car purchased for a period of up to three times higher than men. “Generally, drivers who buy a car leasing have part of a shorter romance said Sergio Stiberman, CEO Lease Trader.

33% of the surveyed men said that their romance ends when car park close to other cars. For 22 percent of men surveyed transport sports equipment is the end “love story”, while 17% of them are bringing their car that is rarely a reason for “separation”.

For women, 39% of them said they no longer love their cars when the husband is driving the car for the first time. For 24% of women questioned idyll ends when transporting children to others in the car, while for 12% of them eating in the car is a reason for “separation”. Only 2 percent of women who participated said they no longer are attracted to the car when they begin to smoke in the cockpit.

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