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Study: Women need more lessons than men to obtain a driving license

A survey in Britain found that ladies need more driving lessons to pass the driving test. Thus, women took 21 driving lessons, on average, to pass the test for obtaining a driving license, while men had an average of 17 lessons to obtain permission for the same class. Promotion percentage of first attempt was 46% for men and 43% for women. This study was done on a sample of 3,000 drivers.

Researchers at confused.com decided to do this study in an attempt to discover whose sex belong to the best drivers. British stressed that the test isn’t that women are better or weaker drivers than  men, but they learn some skills necessary for promoting slower driving test. On the other hand, the study found that the ladies were nervous at the driving test and that could be the problem for which they fail the exam in first attempt. Despite the confidence which are assigned to a stereotype, men admitted that they tried to socialize with the examiner to get rid of emotions, while women preferred to be more restrained. About 23% of respondents confessed that they had pretended to be friends with the examiner to persuade him to promote them. Only 8% of women who responded to this survey tried to flirt with the examiner.

Emotions have been an important issue for 92% of women who gave their first driving test, saying that they felt terrified before him. Only 78% of men who have driving license and answered the survey said they had the same condition. About 27% of women who took the driver license exam were so excited that even apologized examiner while continually rise, and one fourth of the total number of women who responded to this survey and have failed at first Testing started to cry when they learned they were rejected. Most men who promoted the examination and participated in this survey had an average age of 19 years and eight months, while the survey repondents that have passed the same exam with an average age of 20 years and six months. A woman of 20 has over 31 years old when they climb behind the wheel of his first car.

Imprudence caused by male hormones made the 8% of men who get angry on driver license exam when the examiner was beside them, and seven percent of them admitted that they were on the brink of an accident during examination. On the other hand, only 4% of women had an aggressive reaction when they were driving during driver license exam, and only 3 percent of total respondents admitted that they were on the brink of an accident during the exam.

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