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Study: Men are afraid when a woman is driving

I  have no idea why somebody had to do this study as I’m pretty sure we all knew the result. It might come as a shock to you but men often complain about the driving skills of their spouse. Still, only 10% of those questioned admitted they stopped the car in order to take control of  the wheel at least once in their lifetime. We could only understand that men are afraid of women. Not only in the kitchen while surrounded by sharp objects: we also fear for our lives being as a passenger in the cages of death you tend to drive with such passion.
I’ll stop here with my suppositions. Let’s see the official results: 🙂 A recent study in Britain showed that 10% of men had to stop the car in order to change the driver. They’ve added that their wives/ girlfriends lost focus or made a series of mistakes in traffic. The study was conducted by the company OnePoll and proves men are generally scared when their half is driving.

“Most men consider that they are much better drivers than women in their lives. They consider to focuse better , analyze traffic situations more quickly and certainly have much better reflexes. A man out of  five-man admits it can never relax when his consort is driving.” said the spokesman of OnePoll after the results were published.

Also, it seems that more then 20% of couples have fought at least once because of the way the partner drove the car. The most common blame mentioned by men was distraction caused by children, landscapes, shops or other drivers.

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