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STUDY: Half of the british drivers shouldn’t have a driver’s licence

I’m sure you know that England is GOD when it comes to studies. In any domain you could think of, they’ve made some research and can easily prove that the things you knew are wrong! Here is where the Korean automaker KIA set foot to make their latest study. It seems that more than 50% of the british drivers are not the best on the roads and also, they shouldn’t even own a driver’s licence. Serious mistakes in traffic were made by the subjects.

The research regarding driving standards revealed that half of those who currently hold a driving license would not pass the driver exam once again. In this KIA project, the British drivers have been reviewed in reproducing the conditions for the driving exam.

The results shown that many of those who already own a drivers license do serious mistakes in traffic. The lack of attention is the most common one. More than 66% of the drivers didn’t checked any mirrors before starting the car. Some of them also forgot to use the seat belts.

A part of those who failed the driving tests were drivers with more than 30 years of experience that drive about 250 km weekly. Now, I’m sure you would say that after so many years the laws have been changed in the the theoretical exam and I agree. Also, many of the drivers I know do these common mistakes. It’s not a “british trend”. All the nations do it. And these are only a few bad things the experienced drivers do. Still, many of the accidents are made by the rookies, not these veterans I must say. So..I would probably fail the exam too because, I must admit, I forgot a few rules or laws here and there, but still, the roads are safe with me, and I’m sure this applies also for this 50 % we were talking.

Our “studies” shown that there’s a bigger possibility for a wheel freshman that gets an A+ for the driver exam and knows all the laws to make an accident than a “veteran driver” who forgot all these but has the experience provided by so many years.

But kids, listen to what KIA said, they are also right from a different perspective. 🙂

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