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The most Popular Heist Getaway Vehicles

What is the best vehicle to conduct a heist? The getaway vehicle is not only important because it’s used when escaping from the heist venue or the police, but also it has to look good and have enough space for the getaway goods. Whether you’re conducting a dramatic casino heist such as in Ocean’s Eleven, or robbing bank or jewellers, the getaway car has to be one of the most important elements.

Heist style getaway films often tend to feature top of the notch cars with the latest technology. So what is the best vehicle to use? We’ve teamed up with Metro Play to look at some of the contenders.

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Getaway Vehicles

 Perhaps one of the most recent, dramatic, real-life heists was the attempted robbery of the Crown Jewel the “Millennium Star” from the Millennium Dome. Their plan was to run into the Dome with all guns blazing, grab the jewel and escape via speed boat. They were foiled before they even began as the police already had them under surveillance. So, perhaps more of the most important elements for a heist is the speed. Whatever the getaway vehicle, whether boat, car, or plane, it must be fast enough to escape quickly after the event.

Perhaps the second important element to a good heist getaway vehicle is technology, especially if you’re going for something more Mission Impossible. The Brabus Mercedes Benz Viano is like a mobile board room, with numerous flat screens, mobile multimedia office and sports car performance to help you drive away quickly. If you’re conducting a Hollywood style heist with a complex plot to con casino employees into certain distractions, the cameras and telephone ability in this car could pay off.

The next thing to consider for the getaway vehicle, even if everything does go to plan, is protection. If you do manage to con the casino employees into distractions, steal the money and escape, you can then face an entourage of police cars that are determined not to let you get away with your master plan.

Especially if it’s Hollywood style, you could face a rain full of bullets, so you want to make sure that your getaway car is durable enough to take unprecedented ‘short cuts’ and protect you from incoming fire. The name of the Conquest Knight XV says it all. With its bullet-proof body panels and windows and 40 gallon fuel tank, it is certainly ready for combat.

So whatever your heist style, make sure you consider the right vehicle for your getaway.


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