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TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011

A Toyota, a Hyundai and a car from an obscure Chinese brand dominates the Top 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 worldwide.

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 - Toyota Corolla

The year 2011 brought dramatic twists of position in the ranking of the world’s best selling cars. Even if the leader Toyota Corolla remained the same, its supremacy was attacked by models which a few years ago were not even found in the first 15 cars in this top.

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011

According to the annual rankings made by Forbes USA, Toyota Corolla managed to remain on the first place in sales in 2011 as the best selling car, despite the huge problems in which the Japanese brand has been in the last two years.

Thus, Toyota Corolla has “survived” the recall wave in 2010 and the natural disaster that hit Japan in March that affected the Japanese brand production throughout the year. The Corolla – model produced in 15 different countries and sold in no less than 140 markets decreased by 2% in sales compared to last year, but managed to cross over a million units sold.

The big surprises come from the 2nd and 3rd places of the best selling cars in 2011. The second position, very close to Corolla, it’s a model that two years ago was not even in the top 10.

It’s Hyundai Elantra (sold under the name Avante in South Korea). The third place is occupied by a car about which nobody knows anything. Wuling Sunshine, a name completely unknown outside China. The Chinese Sunshine weirdo is an MPV which turns easily into a van and is the best-selling car in China, being very well received by the Chinese because it can carry both people and cargo.

Other interesting names that appear in the TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 are Kia Rio and Honda Civic. Kia Rio is now the fifth in world rankings and formalizes the growth of the Korean Hyundai-Kia group in the world. On the other hand, Honda is recovering after the natural disaster in March, when its factories in Japan stopped their working activity, so Honda Civic – the best selling model of the brand – dropped on the 12th place, after 2009 when was on 5th position.

Another interesting conclusion of the TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 is regarding the global strategy which the American brands have adopted is starting to deliver good reactions. Thus, the fact that Ford now produces the same Focus and Fiesta regardless of the market, led to a substantial increase of the sales volume attached to these names. The same situation is seen with Chevrolet Cruze, which enters now in the top 10.

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 - Wuling Sunshine

TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 – final rankings

1 Toyota Corolla 1.02 million
2 Hyundai Elantra 1.01 million
3 Wuling Sunshine 0.94 million
4 Ford Focus 0.91 million
5 Kia Rio 0.82 million
6 Ford Fiesta 0.78 million
7 VW Jetta 0.75 million
8 Toyota Camry 8 0.73 million
9 Chevrolet Cruze 0.69 million
10 VW Golf 0.65 million
11 VW Passat 0.57 million
12 Honda Civic 0.56 million


TOP 12 Best Selling Cars in 2011 via | Forbes USA

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